Tehnopol hosts Bootcamp and takes attendees to sTARTUp Day – and ideas to next level

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol hosts the NOCCA Bootcamp in Tallinn and takes the attending students and startups to the sTARTUp Day in Tartu. The Bootcamp and the sTARTUp Day take place one after another at the end of January 2020.


NOCCA holds Acceleration and Idea Bootcamp

The NOCCA Acceleration and Idea Bootcamp welcomes close to 50 student and startup teams from Estonia, Finland and Latvia, from Tehnopol, Mektory, Haaga-Helia and SSE Riga. The group is a wide mix of teams and startups created in the NOCCA hackathons and workshops, and elsewhere, outside the project. However, the goal is mutual – to find new perspectives and to develop the business ideas, up to financeable startups.

Science Park Tehnopol is an experienced and well-known platform for growing early stage ideas thanks to the Startup Incubator, yet it is the first NOCCA Bootcamp organised in the Science Park – ever. The intensive 5-day camp contains pitch and media training, cross-mentoring, networking and various workshops, for example, on investor readiness. Participating mentors and coaches are well-known in the startup ecosystem and include some of the top names in the industry – the pitching workshop is hosted by Pitch Trainer Gleb Maltsev and startup slide-decks will get design advise from Helen Kokk, Argo Kubja and others.

“The idea to connect the bootcamp with an actual startup conference gives the teams so much more motivation since they have to prepare for actual pitching – whether it is on stage, at 1-1 meetings with investors or potential customers. The NOCCA bootcamp allows early stage teams to enter fast-track to startup world,” noted Triin Ilves, Community Manager at Tehnopol Startup Incubator.

Learn more about the Bootcamp organiser, Tehnopol: https://www.tehnopol.ee/en/


NOCCA goes sTARTUp Day

The sTARTUp Day 2020 is the biggest business festival in the Baltics taking place in Tartu, Estonia. The two-day conference brings together startup-minded people, including the NOCCA Bootcamp group. After the Acceleration and Idea Bootcamp – and a short travel – the NOCCA students and startups can enjoy inspiring-educational stage program and the festive atmosphere. Even more importantly, they attend Tehnopol pitching panel and pre-arranged meetings via matchmaking.

Learn more and check the sTARTUp Day program: https://www.startupday.ee/


Acceleration and Idea Bootcamp, Tallinn, Estonia 26-30.1.2020.

sTARTUp Day, Tartu, Estonia 30-31.1.2020.


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