Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol Foundation

The Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol Foundation is a science and business campus which aims to advance technology-based entrepreneurship in Estonia, bring scientists and entrepreneurs together and provide suitable services and a suitable environment for the realization of breakthrough business ideas. Today, there are nearly 200 companies (from startups to Skype) operating on the Tehnopol campus, which is situated close to Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian IT College. The physical environment of Tehnopol, the Startup Incubator specifically designed for new companies and business development services targeted at growth companies all create good conditions for the development of high value-added business.

There are three experts from Tehnopol actively working in the NOCCA project with different areas of responsibility: Martin Goroško, Lisbeth Roos and Triin Ilves.

Martin is the CEO of Tehnopol Startup Incubator, providing investment readiness and scaling program for early stage technology start-ups. On a daily basis, Martin likes to work with business mentors, the investment community and startup teams to generate new connections.

Lisbeth is doing marketing at the Science Park Tehnopol. She creates content, manages homepages and organizes cultural program in the campus.

Triin is the Community Manager at Tehnopol Startup Incubator and builds the tech startup ecosystem both within the campus and beyond. Besides managing Tehnopol's part of the NOCCA project, she is also organizing various workshops and events to startups and the local ecosystem.


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