Series of NOCCA hackathons starts in September

The NOCCA project is getting off to an exciting start since the event calendar is filling up fast this autumn. The first series of events will be organized in a month’s time in September and October, as the NOCCA hackathons will be held in Latvia, Finland and Estonia.

The Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) hackathon is the very first event of the series and is being held already in September on 27.-29.9. in Turbas, outside Riga. The SSE Riga hackathon is an interesting 48-hour challenge for the SSE Riga students where the participating students are able to innovate, develop and validate business ideas and visions – and take their ideas to the next level!

The Haaga-Helia hackathon is next in line on the second weekend of October, on 11.-12.10. and 14.10. This hackathon consists of a unique 22-hour hackathon cruise on the Baltic Sea and a pre-event and final presentations at the Haaga-Helia Pasila campus in Helsinki. The Haaga-Helia students are able to switch it up, jump on board to innovate and put their passion to work. They will gain an understanding of what is needed for ideating a business and pitching the idea. In order to develop the ideas further, the students will have a group of experienced experts coaching and helping them in different ways – just like in the hackathons in Latvia and Estonia.

The Mektory Circular Economy Hackathon is the last event of the series and will be organized on 18.-20.10. at Mektory’s Innovation HUB in Tallinn. This weekend-long event is open for students studying at Estonian universities and applied higher education institutions and is a great opportunity to meet, network and work in a team with other students studying in Estonia. The students joining are able to innovate and validate their business ideas, show their talent and extend their horizon especially in the field of circular economy. Collectively, these hackathons in Latvia, Finland and Estonia revolve around the relevant themes of green, silver and blue economies that are topical in each of the three countries.


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