NOCCA hosted a successful series of events in Estonia, Finland and Latvia – next Boot Camp in Tallinn


Eventful autumn passed by in the blink of an eye. The project travelled through Estonia, Finland and Latvia and organized three hackathons and two workshops in three different cities. Read further to find out more, sense the atmosphere through photos and hear what comes next.

After September and the first innovation hackathon organized by SSE Riga, the journey of the project continued further north. Haaga-Helia and Mektory hosted two hackathons in two weeks in October and more than 150 students and attendees joined. The Haaga-Helia students worked eagerly on ideas for the silver economy sector, among others, whereas the attendees in Mektory took the challenge to create new ideas and solutions for the circular economy markets. During these events motivated students and attendees, willing to make a change, worked hard on their ideas and bravely gave their pitches in front of big audiences. It was extremely hard for the judges to rank the winning teams out of a large number of good ones!

In the end, the best ideas and teams from three hackathons were invited to scalability and growth workshops in Haaga-Helia in Helsinki and in SSE Riga. Together more than twenty teams wanted to take part in these events to learn more about entrepreneurship and scaling and growing a business, to network internationally – and of course, to develop their business ideas further. Next, the teams get a chance to travel to Tallinn and Tartu to join a NOCCA boot camp and visit the sTARTUp Day in January 2020. The project hopes to see many of the students and attendees – future entrepreneurs – there!



Left: The Haaga-Helia hackathon was held on a cruise on the Baltic Sea, coach Päivi Käri-Zein in the photo with students (Photo: Anna Kohonen)

Right: The hackathon judges introduced themselves, Taru Haajanen from the Haaga-Helia StartUp School pictured



Left: The team pitched their idea in front of the big crowd and was ranked among the best teams

Right: Kaisa Hansen from TalTech Mektory introduced the NOCCA project in the Circular Economy hackathon in Tallinn (Photo: Marit Kuusk)



Left: Kristo Elias presented the Mektory event and interviewed students participating in the hackathon (Photo: Marit Kuusk)

Right: After the pitches and the award ceremony it was a time for selfies and celebrations in the Mektory Innovation HUB (Photo: Marit Kuusk)



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