My NOCCA Experience: Sustainable Consumerism for Future’s Sake

My NOCCA Experience: Sustainable Consumerism for Future’s Sake 


Cornelia Kangur, founder of sustainable market place, For Future’s Sake, says that she gained valuable networks through NOCCA program.  


Why did you participate in NOCCA? 

My partner at the time and I had an idea of a sustainable fashion dictionary because the industry lacks common ground on what they mean by different terms like “this is what they mean by organic”. We went to Tehnopol Startup Incubator for guidance and were encouraged to take part in NOCCA Hackathon. 

The main reason we wanted to take part in NOCCA was to find team mates. After the Tallinn Hackathon, my partner took part in Scalability and Growth Workshop in RigaThere she met a Finnish girl who eventually joined our team. Her original idea was to create a scanning system to recognize clothes’ sustainability so we connected right away. 

Could you tell about your business? 

Our business idea has evolved since we joined NOCCA. We created Finest fashion site to promote sustainable fashion designers and now we’re developing it to an affiliate market place, called For Future’s Sake, selling visibility to sustainable fashion but also other sustainable products. 

Currently, we’re building a new team with people from more diverse backgrounds to have clearer roles so that our skills would complement each other better. We’re recruiting IT people to the team so that we can create minimum viable product with minimum money. It’s quite challenging because creating a software isn’t that cheap. 

How would you describe your NOCCA experience? 

I found the NOCCA program really interesting, especially I enjoyed the Idea and Acceleration Bootcamp. Most of the lecturers were good and although most of the things were familiar to me from my studies in marketing and business management, they were good reminders. The other participants were also awesome and open-minded! 

Also, participating to sTARTUp festival through NOCCA was great for networking. We used Brella networking app to meet different people. We got great feedback and contacts from the fashion industryThanks to NOCCA, I learned how to communicate my business idea with new people. 

What would you say to someone who is planning to participate in NOCCA? 

Go there with an open mind, learn a lot and have fun! We Estonians might seem a bit distant at first but after warming up, it’s great to get to know so many like-minded people. 

The whole program was organized well. Take the feedback you get seriously but be also critical as it is only one person’s opinion.  



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