My NOCCA Experience: Boost for VR Business Idea

My NOCCA Experience: Boost for VR Business Idea 


Virtual Reality, also known as VR, has been one of the buzz words in business in recent years. However, Valdis Sprogis noticed that there’s still plenty of room in the market. He joined NOCCA program to further develop his business idea and to find team mates. 


Why did you participate in NOCCA? 

I studied international relations but wanted to also get a deeper understanding in business functions and entrepreneurship. That’s why I started my studies at Haaga-Helia. I goa great hands-on start to it in StartUp School’s course “From Idea to Prototype” where I was encouraged to take a next step with my VR business idea and to enroll in NOCCA Online Hackathon. 

The idea is to rent VR equipment to companies. The high-end VR devices are quite expensive so we will offer low-risk option for businesses to try it out and see if they need itIn addition, there’s the sustainability aspect too. Our future customers won’t have to invest in new technology that might become outdated and replaced with newer versions fast. 


How would you describe your NOCCA experience? 

It was fun to meet people in person in NOCCA Hackathon! I met my team membersHenry Emekeokhale and Sergei Iljin, there for the first time. The other three days of the hackathon were organized virtually. It was an experience to work from home this intensively, however, this should not be a reason why to skip it!  

The hackathon teaches how to be efficient and dedicatedIt’s good to know how to ideate rapidly because then you get something done. Of course, you can’t do everything in a couple days but you have something to start with – and we started with a winning idea of that hackathon. 

After the hackathon, I participated also in Growth and Scalability Workshop to further develop the business idea. The coaches supported us with for example market validationcustomer segmentation and investment monitoring. Also, the NOCCA staff helped us with networking. 


What’s the current status of your business? 

The plan is to register the company in Estonia and start offering the services to first businesses before the end of this year. We are also negotiating to have our service included in the XR Nation’s VR community-based marketplace to which we gained contacts through NOCCA program.  


What would you say to someone who is planning to participate in NOCCA? 

Do it! Any idea is a good idea. It can be something that has already been done but improved and tailored to the right customer segment. This is a safe and easy way to test and push through even the craziest ideas. You just have to invest your time and dedication. 




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