Mektory and Tehnopol Organize Future City Hackathon in October

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Future City hackathon will take place from 23-25th October at TalTech Innovation and Business Center MEKTORY in collaboration with the best mentors and experts in the field.

The participants will solve real-life future city challenges and develop solutions for the biggest Smart City campuses in Estonia – TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology and Ülemiste City. The prize fund is worth 15 000 €. 


7 CHALLENGES will be resolved

- Future City is green and and waste free (Ülemiste City)
- How to create urban-rural linkages by applying smart environmental solutions in the campus? (TalTech/Tehnopol)

- Future City is involving (Ülemiste City)
- How to attract more life and talent to TalTech-Tehnopol campus – people, business, activities and nature in a multipurpose environment? (TalTech/Tehnopol)

- Future City is free of cars (Ülemiste City)
- Future City bus stops are smart and user-friendly (Ülemiste City)
- How to merge TalTech and Tehnopol campuses and create common multifunctional spaces? (TalTech/Tehnopol)

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Hackathon takes place in cooperation with Ülemiste City – the largest Smart City in the Baltics and privately-owned business campus in Northern Europe.

Find out more in the Facebook event.


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